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reeveverse's Journal

Fans of the Chris Reeve Superman Movies
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Discussion, fanfic, fanart, icons, and squeeing over the original Superman movies (NOT Returns).

Hello and welcome to the one and only LJ community exclusively for the Christopher Reeve Superman movies!

The founders and moderaters of reeveverse are januaried (who makes Superman icons, particularly Reeveverse) and kalalanekent and anissa7118 (authors of Little Secrets, a post-Returns fanfic set in the Reeveverse).

There are a number of Superman Returns communities on Livejournal - all well and good. It's nearly impossible, however, to find a place for discussion of the original Superman movies, so we made reeveverse as a place to post discussion (meta or just plain fangirling), fanfiction, fanart, icons/graphics, pictures, and anything else pertaining to the Reeveverse. This means no discussion of Superman Returns unless it's in relation to the Reeveverse, and no posting fanfic or pictures/icons/etc. of Superman Returns unless the fanfic is a crossover with the Reeveverse and the graphics post includes Reeveverse graphics. The same goes for any other Superman medium: comics, TV, etc.

The posting policy (no spamming, flaming, etc; just basic courtesy), place for asking questions, and banners for pimping can be found at this post.

We are affiliated with reeve_stillme, the community for everything Christopher Reeve except Superman.