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Little Secrets Fanmix - Disc Two

kalalanekent, anissa7118, and januaried proudly present the second Little Secrets official fanmix! Covering the third and fourth acts, this mix includes fifteen songs selected to portray both characters and scenes.

LS fanmix cover

Download the songs and cover individually.
Download the songs and cover in a zip file.

1.) The Killers - Read My Mind
2.) Meredith Brooks - What Would Happen If?
3.) Breaking Benjamin - Here We Are
4.) Saving Jane - The Girl Next Door
5.) Billie Myers - A Few Words Too Many
6.) AFI - Miss Murder (Director's Cut)
7.) Within Temptation - Somewhere
8.) Jem - 24
9.) Duran Duran - Come Undone
10.) Sia - Breathe Me
11.) Saliva - Click Click Boom
12.) Within Temptation - A Dangerous Mind
13.) Evanescence - Snow White Queen
14.) Breaking Benjamin - Until the End
15.) The Rasmus - The Shot
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